On-Site Dental Lab

At Seminole Dental, we take pride in providing the convenience of having an in-house dental laboratory right within our office premises. With our skilled lab technician working onsite, we can ensure quicker completion times and even provide same-day services for specific treatments like denture repairs and relines.

Custom Made Dentures at Seminole Dental

Each of our dentures is meticulously crafted to suit your individual requirements.

We always schedule a “try-in” appointment, during which the denture is set up in wax, allowing you to preview its appearance before finalization.

This process enables us to accommodate any desired changes, whether it’s adjusting the shade of your teeth or altering the shape to your liking. With our onsite lab technician working closely with the doctor, we ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your new denture.

Same Day Repairs and Relines are Available.

We understand the apprehension that arises when your partial or denture breaks, fearing you may have to part with it for an extended duration.

That’s precisely why Seminole Dental houses an onsite lab right at our location.

Drop by in the morning, and by the afternoon, you’ll have your denture or partial repaired or relined, ensuring minimal inconvenience for you.

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